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the continuum

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I try to approach spontaneous adventures the same way I do pulling into the gym parking lot full of piranha cars at 6PM on a Monday: a calm demeanor and a little faith that if you think it’ll work out, then it will.


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i’m moving to la


This time last year I said yeah I’m definitely moving to Los Angeles. Then Winterline happened and changed my life plan in all sorts of incredible ways. The nine-month travel program around the world was the only thing that could possibly come between me and SoCal at the time. Now here I am, one year later, and pretty sure Winterline isn’t happening again. So, it looks like LA is.  Unless someone tells me I can go travel the world again for free, then it’s a done deal.  (more…)



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I only pay attention to my zodiac when it suits me. If I read it one week and it doesn’t resonate, I’m anti-zodiac. But, when it does… I’m all about it. (more…)

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on the road

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I wondered what the Spirit of the Mountain was thinking, and looked up and saw jackpines in the moon, and saw ghosts of old miners, and wondered about it. In the whole eastern dark wall of the Divide this night there was silence and the whisper of the wind, except in the ravine where we roared; and on the other side of the Divide was the great Western Slope, and the big plateau that went to Steamboat Springs, and dropped, and led you to the western Colorado desert and the Utah desert; all in darkness now as we feud and screamed in our mountain nook, mad drunken Americans in the mighty land.

Jack Kerouac

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stealing cashews| vlog pt 3

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Wowza, crankin’ these bad boys out left and right now.

Vlog Pt. 3 is about my last full day in Zagreb. Sandy offered to cook me dinner and I caught him having a passionate rant about food. I also talk a little bit about some Italian students I met who helped a gal out and gave me some footage of their trip to the Plitvice Lakes National Park.  (more…)