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tgim said no one ever

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Came across a song today that made me want to throw together a list of my top tunes lately. I’d say there is a tad bit of influence from Whims of Wanderlust as well, but what else is new. Without further ado, a few wonders of Spotify to keep your Monday moving along… (more…)

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psa: junot diaz sighting

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A couple weeks ago my mother told me that Junot Diaz, THE Junot Diaz, resides in a quiet neighborhood behind the spin studio I go to in Cambridge. I don’t know how she knows this, or how the person who told her knows this. But, I’m taking said person as a credible source (because This Is How You Lose Her).


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i’m moving to la


This time last year I said yeah I’m definitely moving to Los Angeles. Then Winterline happened and changed my life plan in all sorts of incredible ways. The nine-month travel program around the world was the only thing that could possibly come between me and SoCal at the time. Now here I am, one year later, and pretty sure Winterline isn’t happening again. So, it looks like LA is.  Unless someone tells me I can go travel the world again for free, then it’s a done deal.  (more…)



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I only pay attention to my zodiac when it suits me. If I read it one week and it doesn’t resonate, I’m anti-zodiac. But, when it does… I’m all about it. (more…)