i’m moving to la

This time last year I said yeah I’m definitely moving to Los Angeles. Then Winterline happened and changed my life plan in all sorts of incredible ways. The nine-month travel program around the world was the only thing that could possibly come between me and SoCal at the time. Now here I am, one year later, and pretty sure Winterline isn’t happening again. So, it looks like LA is.  Unless someone tells me I can go travel the world again for free, then it’s a done deal.  Continue reading “i’m moving to la”

tourist | vlog pt 4


I woke up this morning, held the camera out in front of my face, and started talking for two seconds before muttering “fuck this”. I think I am officially vlogged out. Five videos in one week! That’s a lot. Being solely responsible for creating the scene, shooting the footage, and editing it all at the end of the day kinda sucks sometimes. I could really use a sidekick.  Continue reading “tourist | vlog pt 4”

one week in croatia | vlog pt 2

Damn, Daniel.

This is hard work. I’m trying to film enough to create something substantial while also enjoying time to myself. It’s a challenge, but I dig it. Below is my second vlog, which touches on my time at Taste of Home and also an impromptu Zagreb tour from Sandy, the infamous basement bartender. He stays true to his word –  he is a happy guy and he made my experience in Zagreb unforgettable.  Continue reading “one week in croatia | vlog pt 2”