i’m moving to la

This time last year I said yeah I’m definitely moving to Los Angeles. Then Winterline happened and changed my life plan in all sorts of incredible ways. The nine-month travel program around the world was the only thing that could possibly come between me and SoCal at the time. Now here I am, one year later, and pretty sure Winterline isn’t happening again. So, it looks like LA is.  Unless someone tells me I can go travel the world again for free, then it’s a done deal. 

Why LA? I’ve been asked that a lot. I’m not really sure. I think it’s less about LA and more about me needing a new space. I need some inspiration. Somewhere that will push me past my creative boundaries. Boston has done that for me already, and it’s time to move on for now.

I’m doing a vlog series again. Because to me, the vlog series is outside my comfort zone and keeps me in the creative realm. I laugh at myself a lot. I don’t take it too seriously.  It’s just fun and I like putting them together, even if they don’t always come out making much sense. Cue…my latest one…

Thanks for watching.

4 thoughts on “i’m moving to la

  1. My wife and I did the opposite move a few years back- West to East, LA to GA. We’d rather be in your shoes! Hang in there though, first couple years are tough, then you’ll love it.

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