tourist | vlog pt 4


I woke up this morning, held the camera out in front of my face, and started talking for two seconds before muttering “fuck this”. I think I am officially vlogged out. Five videos in one week! That’s a lot. Being solely responsible for creating the scene, shooting the footage, and editing it all at the end of the day kinda sucks sometimes. I could really use a sidekick. 

With that being said, I’m super duper proud. I actually followed through with it.

In this vlog, I basically whip you around the old city of Zadar. I was losing it at this point – really wanted to put the camera down and enjoy it. I vlogged everything that was WASN’T remotely exciting. Sorry. What you WON’T see in this vlog:

Accepting defeat by public transportation and calling the Uber
Running for my life to the bus station
My reaction to realizing I left my passport in Zagreb
My infatuation with Bruschetta Restaurant on Zadar promenade (and eating alone)
My private walking tour with three very passionate history majors
An incredibly well planned wine tasting with Simon
Binge watching SUITS on Netflix

My last video will be a wrap up of sorts and it will be coming your way shortly. Thanks to all my people back home who are watching. I love you all so much. Now, I’m going to put the GoPro and iPhone away and enjoy my last night in Zadar.




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