my first vlog

I don’t know what to say about Zagreb, besides it’s beautiful and so are the people. I selfishly love that I get this city all to myself for the next few days. When I arrived, I was nervous about being alone. But, the way things look so far I have nothing to be nervous about. Whatever I’m doing and whoever I meet – it would be entirely different, if not nonexistent – if I were here wth someone else. I’m going to embrace the newness of solo travel and all the opportunities I encounter because of it.

So, what’s the deal… Why am I in Zagreb alone? Winterline is in the midst of independent project week and each student is off exploring the city of their choice. My project is vlogging. My city is Zagreb. Yeah, yeah. Doesn’t sound like much of a project at all. But, considering it has taken me three days to upload one vlog, I think I underestimated it myself.

Anyways, the point of this blog post is to announce the upload of my very first one. It is by no means perfect. But, if I sit around trying to fix all the minor details I’ll never get the ball rolling. And my hope is to have at least five or six vlogs this week. Gotta keep moving.

If you have five minutes to spare, check it out:

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