dinner is served

Dropped the ball on blogging in Europe. What can I tell you? Blogging takes a backseat once you’ve reached the pearly gates. Got a word-vomit post about my infatuation with a brunette in Barcelona and that’s it. Absurd. This does not do my time in Europe justice! Nonsense! To my diehard fans (mom), I’m sorry.

All I’ve got for now are a few fun facts coming from The International Butler School in Simpelveld, Netherlands. All thanks to Robert Wennekes, who has graciously invited us into his home (casually the largest private home in the country).

Side Note: Back in September I was shitting in the woods and eating cake bowls. After that, I was living in the ocean and forgot what a bed felt like. Post New-Year celebrations included fried scorpions and thinking my life would end in a tuk-tuk. In Jamkhed, India I ate nothing but tortillas and berry jam for ten days straight. Now? I’m sitting at a grand dining table three times a day eating lavishly with linen napkins and a $70,000 cigar humidor sitting in the next room. CERTIFIABLY NUTS.


TIBA Trivia 

On average, a pound of potato chips cost 200x more than a pound of potatoes.

Fajitas originated in the USA. Don’t pretend like you knew that.

Pasta originated in China (Google it if you must)

So did ice cream

McDonalds makes most of their money not from hamburgers and fries, but from real estate.

The most expensive hotel room in the world? You can find it in Geneva, Switzerland at the President Wilson Hotel for a whopping $65,000 a night.

Coco Chanel stayed at the Ritz in Paris for 30 years.

Largest consumption of wine per capita? The Vatican City, baby.

There are 10,000 different grape varieties.

OENOPHOBIA: The fear of wine. What a tragedy!

Main source of wine corks? Portugal, I guess. Only like 13 bil corks produced per year #NBD

Officially, it is said that a wine glass should be filled to the widest part of the bowl. Unless you’re Olivia Pope.

Checking into a hotel any time soon? Don’t forget to look under the bed.




*If the trivia does not check out, take it up with Robert.

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