a tribute to southeast asia

Stepping off the plane into Granada, Spain marked the end of trimester two for us. The past month in India was somethin’ else. The sort of chaos you think only exists in the movies (speaking of movies, have you ever seen a Bollywood film? That’s an experience). You start to miss things you never thought you would, like seatbelts and the smell before rain. India made me think a lot. Sometimes I didn’t like that because I felt like I couldn’t be present or mindful of the moment. But, I would argue now that it was a good thing. (And maybe I need to start thinking about the future because in May this will all be over and my nine-month hiatus from any sort of responsibility will inherently come to an end and I will have to get a job and be an adult of some sort. Yes, whatever, a run on sentence because my life is a run on sentence).

I would describe my time in Central America as physically exhausting, and Southeast Asia to be exactly the opposite. My mind was on powerblast and man, am I happy it’s coming back down. I’d like to write about Jamkhed or my stay at Atmasantulana village, the two highlights of India for me. Maybe it will happen. Maybe not. I don’t knowww.

So, here we go. My GoPro video for trimester two. Thank you Southeast Asia for the past three months. It’s easier to say goodbye with Europe on the horizon, but I will miss you.

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