gonna keep this short, like bamae

Bam is comforting in the sense that we can sit at a cafe all day, not say a word and it won’t be weird. She’s refreshing because she tells me how it is (verbatim “you look like a dead person today”) and never really second guesses herself. But, what I appreciate the most is her willingness to teach me about cultures other than my own and her patience when I’m not always as aware as I should be. I told her this today, in an awkward attempt for a serious moment between us. She smirked (a genuine smirk, sometimes hard to tell) and pat me a few times on the shoulder. A typical response.

We sat on the rooftop of our hostile tonight talking about confused boys and plans for tomorrow with this view of Wat Pho. The duo we’ve sort of morphed into has completely blindsided me. I think my point being: I’m really, really happy she’s here.

Thanks Bam. [Insert some corny appreciation that will make you cringe].

You’ll either gag or ignore me after reading this.

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