getting to know you

Remember that run I told you about? The 18 (actually closer to 20) mile run I didn’t train for but signed up anyway because I’m delusional? Well, delusional maybe but incapable I am not. We crossed the finish line in four hours and I nearly dropped to my knees and started bawling my eyes out because it was one of the hardest but coolest things I’ve ever done. The best part is that Oliver carried a small bottle of Jack Daniels the entire time because I thought it would be fun to take “a couple shots to keep us going”. I also thought I could do a cartwheel at every mile checkpoint. I told you: delusional. Continue reading “getting to know you”

for you

Tonight’s feels


COMING SOON TO A THEATRE NEAR YOU: my experience in Cambodia thus far. *Spoiler Alert*: it’s fucking incredible. Every day I sort of remind myself, woah, you’re in Asia. That’s pretty cool. We left Siem Reap this morning and moved to our new humble abode for two weeks in Phnom Penh. The power goes out like every fifteen minutes, our toilet and shower head share one space, and when Bam and I left for a beer we got a chilling “be safe out there”. Should be fun.



beautiful forevers

Trying to make sense of the deaths of Kalu and Sanjay, Sunil and Abdul grew closer. Not quite friends-rather, an unameable, not-entirely-willing category of relationship in which two boys felt themselves bound to two boys who were dead. Sunil and Abdul sat together more often than before, but when they spoke it was with the curious formality of people who shared the understanding that much of what was said did not matter, and that much of what mattered could not be said. Continue reading “beautiful forevers”