Month: December 2015

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On my way to San Fran. See you in May, Boston!

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Drown by Junot Diaz

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We all do shit like this, stuff that’s no good for you. You do it and there’s no feeling positive about it afterwards. When Cut puts his salsa on the next morning, I wake up, alone, the blood doing jumping jacks in my head. I see that she’s searched my pockets, left them hanging out of my pants like tongues. She didn’t even bother to push the fuckers back in.


Life Lately


I remember when one of my roommates¬†got back from studying abroad in Australia. Our relationship suffered because I didn’t understand how fragile she was emotionally. And, I guess if you’ve never been away from home in that way, it’s hard to understand. So, I don’t blame myself really.


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A Snapshot



I spent all day putting this together. No, seriously, I sat on the couch from 11 AM until my mom got home from work. It could probably be better, I could continue to work on it, but I’m too excited to keep editing. It is what it is. ¬†The past three months in a nutshell… (more…)