“Molly, it’s Gracias, not Graci-ass”

I think our fast and furious Panamanian bus driver might kill us! If not, the hangovers will. Isla Colón was good to us on our last night in Bocas.

We’re off to Tortuguero, Costa Rica, which means goodbye to Bocas Del Toro and Panama. It was a good run. I’ll miss it here.

It’s hard to re-live the last couple weeks in detail. We’ve only had internet access twice and I’m often too busy catching up with my family (and snapchatting/instagraming) to write much. I hope over the next two trimesters I can blog more. In the meantime, here’s a snapshot of my life on the road:

received my scuba certification
learned how to wakeboard
ate and fell in love with patacones
thoroughly enjoyed a cup of cowboy coffee each morning
witnessed underwater bioluminescence in the middle of the night
practiced mindfulness and firing the rep/being vulnerable
got behind the bar at Gran Kahuna hostile
read and re-read and re-read Naked Human by Christopher Poindexter
“learned” to sail a catamaran
lost a flip flop
completed a service project on Isla Popa
helped build the roof of a tiki-hut on Solarte 1
sea kayaked for a cumulative 16 miles
got some new ink


sea kayaking with Bamae
sea kayaking with Bamae
selina hostile
selina hostile
chris poindexter
chris poindexter
bartending at gran kahuna
bartending at gran kahuna
pretending to be useful in Solarte 1
pretending to be useful in Solarte 1

The sheer exhaustion on everyone’s face is a clear indication of how much we’ve packed into a mere two weeks.

We spent most of our Bocas time on Solarte Island. We slept in tents on the porch of Wilson’s home. Wilson is an elderly man, originally from Florida. He’s a Gator. We pooped in his outhouse, which I will tell you is ten times worse than pooping in the woods. It was, and will be, the only time I missed NOLS.

Our free time was spent on Isla Colón where all of the restaurants, bars, Wi-Fi, and relatively normal bathrooms are found (if you think I talk too much about poop and bathrooms I beg you to take a walk – or shit – in my shoes). I fell in love with the Selina hostile and only wish we had a bit more time there. Bocas is a quaint town that comes alive at night. People walk around barefoot. Everyone’s skin is sun kissed and salty. It is the epitome of island vibe.

Until next time Bocas.

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