I hope you’re comfortable talking about poop

In three days, we leave Estes Park and head 6 hours north to Wyoming for an 11 day camping trip. Diesel camping, might I add. WHERE WE BECOME ONE WITH NATURE one might say. Minimal clothing. No showers. And most anticipated of all, pooping in the woods. The kind of camping that requires 8-10 miles of hiking each day. The kind of camping that forbids i-ANYTHING (the separation anxiety is real). The kind of camping that begs the question what am I going to use to wipe? (someone said moss – click on link for full effect – and it was in that moment I knew I am in for a rude awakening). 

I’m down with the rawness of this gig. I’m with it. I’m excited for it. But, I’m not going to pretend like I’ve ever spent anything close to two weeks in this kind of environment. My idea of camping prior to this moment? Saco, Maine fourth of July with a six-pack of Shandy to my face. Don’t tell that to NOLS.

I won’t have internet (obviously, or is it?), so I’ll be taking my journal and updating the blog when I get back. Be prepared for many GoPro pics and hopefully some funny stories about 8 girls trying to live in the wilderness. See you soon.

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