Vantage Point

Sitting on the plane to Denver, I was an unfamiliar version of myself. Fidgety, nervous, and very uncertain. It seemed so real in that moment. So big. So important. I want to do this right – let it change me. Whatever I’m meant to be…let it change.

I am here. Estes Park, Colorado. It is as beautiful as I hoped.

We are all incredibly different. I like it. I know it will be challenging. I like that, too. We came here to find ourselves. What does that mean? How will we do it? Questions we will answer together.

It’s about gaining perspective. Different vantage points. How will my understanding of the world, others, myself…how will it change?

Ok, ok. On a lighter note, I have wifi right now and yes I’m going to watch Grey’s Anatomy. Holding onto that shit for as long as I can.

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