BREAKING NEWS: 8 Amateur Hikers Survive Arctic Hell Sans Toilet Paper and Sanity

I can’t feel my face when I’m with NOLS. Thank you Wind River Range for showing me that my armpit hair grows at an exceptionally fast rate and reinforcing the fact that I am an absolute miserable human being when cold. For that, I am certain I will not be hanging around New England for another winter anytime soon. Just in case you’re planning to roll out of bed this morning, stuff the bare essentials into a sack, and head out into the legitimate woods with other folks who have no idea what they’re doing – here are a few tips that may be helpful to you.  Continue reading “BREAKING NEWS: 8 Amateur Hikers Survive Arctic Hell Sans Toilet Paper and Sanity”

I hope you’re comfortable talking about poop

In three days, we leave Estes Park and head 6 hours north to Wyoming for an 11 day camping trip. Diesel camping, might I add. WHERE WE BECOME ONE WITH NATURE one might say. Minimal clothing. No showers. And most anticipated of all, pooping in the woods. The kind of camping that requires 8-10 miles of hiking each day. The kind of camping that forbids i-ANYTHING (the separation anxiety is real). The kind of camping that begs the question what am I going to use to wipe? (someone said moss – click on link for full effect – and it was in that moment I knew I am in for a rude awakening).  Continue reading “I hope you’re comfortable talking about poop”