Three Wise Donkeys

#WeeklyWander (more like monthly wander, or annual wander…because I suck)
When: July 29
Where: Gloucester Street, Boston

I was walking down Newbury when I passed a kid my age handing out flyers. 10% for customized graphic t’s on Gloucester St. I walked another block or so looking for the store, not realizing the kid was standing on the corner of Newbury and Gloucester. I walk-of-shame’d it back.

The store was quiet…quiet like being-the-only-customer quiet. The space was inviting. A bright room, delicate decor, and – obviously – some really cool t-shirts. The art was displayed well, providing me with an easy way to glance at all the different kinds of artwork. I felt compelled to buy something so I think that’s probably a good thing for them.

When I got home, I found out a bit more. Three Wise Donkeys began in 2009. The two friends who started the project have traveled around the world promoting the idea of artist based garments. They’ve hit Bangladesh (what? cool), Beirut, and now Boston. According to their FB page, “3WD is set to become the world’s first dedicated artist based community for the creation, distribution and customization of socially responsible, culturally resonant, accessible design statements, on garments that Do Good and Do Well.” Boom.

I bought a tank top. I got a medium and wish I got a small.

P.S. I’m leaving for Chicago tomorrow. LOLLAPALOOZA!

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