Change of Plans…

California has been set in stone since a bar stool conversation at Olde Towne Tavern with my girl Jordyn. I was 100% in, completed committed. I wanted to move now, and only waited because I had $50 to my name. I started making money, and I started saving…all with one city in mind: Los Angeles.

And just when I thought nothing could possibly come between me and SoCal, something pretty extraordinary did.

I’m about to hit 10 countries in 9 months with a gap year program called WinterLine. Check it out:

During the 9 months, you’ll experience a variety of global contexts, from rugged mountains to tropical preserves to the cultural capitals of Europe; you’ll learn and apply a rapidly increasing array of new skills; and you’ll be able to connect your experiences to many potential career options in your future.

You will be traveling in a group of 16 students, along with two advisor/mentors as well a personal teaching chef. You’ll be staying in a wide variety of types of accommodations, from tents to cabins, youth hostels to mountain lodges, village camps to boats. Although you will be learning an enormous number of new skills, almost all of the teaching will be hands-on and experiential.

You’ll be moving from location to location every two weeks. Within each major region, there will also be independent study/activity weeks that will be structured and developed by you and smaller teams of students.

Along the way, you’ll find plenty of unstructured time to socialize with your peers, pursue individual interests, explore local attractions, and recharge between activities. Weekends are often free, with various cultural, touristic and community visits that are optional.

We start in the rocky mountains for some team bonding and travel prep. We move on to Central America and the Caribbean. After that, we hit Thailand, Cambodia, and India. The last stretch we see Spain, Netherlands, Germany, and Italy. Pretty surreal.

Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 12.26.32 PM

And as unbelievable as it all is (I leave in less than 2 months), a part of me hates to delay the west coast dream. And I feel like I let my friend down. But, she’ll kill it. She’ll get there. And I can’t wait to join her when I get back.

So…don’t follow me to Cali yet. Follow me around the world.

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