Where: Bodega on Clearway Street
When: Friday, July 10

The other day I was reading about a shoe/sportswear retail outlet that disguises itself as a run-down convenience store. Come to find out, it’s a relatively short walk from where I’m living. I walked right by it, even though I knew what to look for. An employee sitting outside for a smoke kind of laughed at me as I back-tracked and said, “Happens all the time”


The inside looked exactly how you would expect it to (the picture below is taken from the opposite side from where I walked in, if that makes sense at all. I felt like I wasn’t really supposed to be taking pictures. I’m sure if I asked it would have been fine. Naturally, I didn’t).


Towards the back of the “store” is a strangely out of place Snapple Machine which doubles as a secret passage way. As I walked up to it, it opened, and look what I found:

Pretty dope right? They had two pairs of Nikes that I liked. The grey and the red ones on the far right (the red are nearly cut out of the photo). They didn’t have my size in either! Followed up with a “our women’s inventory sucks” by the sales associate, haha. Maybe next time.

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