Three Wise Donkeys

#WeeklyWander (more like monthly wander, or annual wander…because I suck)
When: July 29
Where: Gloucester Street, Boston

I was walking down Newbury when I passed a kid my age handing out flyers. 10% for customized graphic t’s on Gloucester St. I walked another block or so looking for the store, not realizing the kid was standing on the corner of Newbury and Gloucester. I walk-of-shame’d it back. Continue reading “Three Wise Donkeys”

Change of Plans…

California has been set in stone since a bar stool conversation at Olde Towne Tavern with my girl Jordyn. I was 100% in, completed committed. I wanted to move now, and only waited because I had $50 to my name. I started making money, and I started saving…all with one city in mind: Los Angeles.

And just when I thought nothing could possibly come between me and SoCal, something pretty extraordinary did. Continue reading “Change of Plans…”


Where: Bodega on Clearway Street
When: Friday, July 10

The other day I was reading about a shoe/sportswear retail outlet that disguises itself as a run-down convenience store. Come to find out, it’s a relatively short walk from where I’m living. I walked right by it, even though I knew what to look for. An employee sitting outside for a smoke kind of laughed at me as I back-tracked and said, “Happens all the time” Continue reading “Bodega”