Boston to LA

Where She Wanders started with the subtitle Molly In College, because that’s what I was, a college student. I’ve graduated now and so the subtitle must change. It won’t have anything to do with a big girl job because I don’t have a big girl job. And nothing to do with what kind of job I would like because I don’t know that either. For now, I’m still writing “student” under “occupation”.

I’ve settled on East to West, because that’s the big post-grad plan. I’m working for a seaside restaurant in Boston for three months to save some money and live with my mom & Dash (my cavapoo). Come Fall, I’m leaving this place behind for SoCal with one of my best friends. I lost my blogging habits somewhere between senior year and not giving a shit. And I think – I know – I’ll want to blog this.

Tomorrow it begins. I start my first day of work and begin this anticipated, and hopefully whimsical, adventure. Follow me. Let’s get lost.


2 thoughts on “Boston to LA

  1. I’m in the same boat as you…not know what to do but having some sort of big idea and plan. Excited to read about your upcoming adventures and stories!

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