Boston to LA

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Where She Wanders started with the subtitle Molly In College, because that’s what I was, a college student. I’ve graduated now and so the subtitle must change. It won’t have anything to do with a big girl job because I don’t have a big girl job. And nothing to do with what kind of job I would like because I don’t know that either. For now, I’m still writing “student” under “occupation”.

I’ve settled on East to West, because that’s the big post-grad plan. I’m working for a seaside restaurant in Boston for three months to save some money and live with my mom & Dash (my cavapoo). Come Fall, I’m leaving this place behind for SoCal with one of my best friends. I lost my blogging habits somewhere between senior year and not giving a shit. And I think – I know – I’ll want to blog this.

Tomorrow it begins. I start my first day of work and begin this anticipated, and hopefully whimsical, adventure. Follow me. Let’s get lost.




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